Picture of Michael Martens with an electric drill building a smart wardrobe for a prototyping competition. Michael won the first place in the end.
On demand, interim & by heart

Entrepreneur, Product Owner & Consultant

  • Broad generalist wearing multiple hats, able to analyse and understand super fast, asking uncomfortable questions and motivate teams

  • 9+ years in the „Digital World“ with roles like COO, Management Consultant, Product Owner, Product Manager, Agile Coach, Service Designer, User Researcher, Entrepreneur

  • Used to facilitate and manage the complete process from project request to delivery (55+ projects, up to 1.2M € budget responsibility)

  • Fun and Serious Play, especially Lego Serious Play, is key for team building, ideation, research, strategy and development processes

  • Flexible engagements from 1 day to 6+ months, both remotely or on-site in the EU, preferably in Kiel, Hamburg or Berlin

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picture of Jörn Bungartz

Jörn Bungartz

General Partner at Meisterwerk Ventures, ehemaliger Leiter Technisches Produktmanagement Biotronik

Michael supported me in the development of a SaaS system as a freelance project manager/product owner. He clarified requirements with the client, developed concepts and divided them into work packages, prioritized them and implemented them with our nearshoring team.

Michael's support was immediately noticeable from day one. He is able to find his way into new topics very quickly, takes responsibility immediately and brings in his own ideas. In doing so, he consistently takes the customer/user perspective and thus provides decisive impulses at all levels, right up to the product strategy. His manner is relaxed, friendly, very open and uncomplicated.

I have always enjoyed working with Michael and I can recommend him for agile software development projects at any time.

picture of Rita Baxmann

Rita Baxmann

Global Marketing Manager Clinical Diagnostics at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Michael supported us very much in the conception/development of our digital sales app in a way that was really amazing: He listened carefully to deeply understand our needs and then easily translated all details into an intuitive algorithm, in an extremely short period of time. I think today nobody in our organization could imagine working without this sales app because it gives everyone also a certainty in respecting the regulatory guidelines worldwide in life science.

Michael very quickly took on all these quite diverse aspects in regulatory affairs. Everyone of my colleagues including myself very much appreciate the positive atmosphere he brings in and his way of discovering possible links among our tools and processes we haven‘t even noticed before.

Thank you, Michael! We are really happy with our app!

picture of Anne Schmitt

Anne Schmitt

UX Researcher and Usability Engineer, Ada Health

Michael really lives up to the new work mindset. I know him as a very hard working, open-minded colleague who is always there to help, never afraid to challenge an existing approach or idea, but also constructively collaborates in finding solutions. When Michael is convinced about something, you will soon be too.

picture of Madison Mitschke

Madison Mitschke

Senior Product Manager Klarna

There are certain people you meet in your professional life whom after working with you would gladly work with them again. This is Michael.

Michael takes on each project as if it were his own company, making him a hands-on, ambitious and energetic leader. Not only does he see the greater picture, but he also thinks through complexities in great detail. When confronted with challenges, he gladly takes them on while keeping a uplifting attitude that motivates the whole team.

Michael is a pleasure to work with, and I gladly recommend him to any organization that chooses to benefit from his wide range of skills.

picture of Pawel Dyrek

Paweł Dyrek

interim CTO and Technology Consulting Manager Codete GmbH

If you have a challenging project and need to organize the product team in the most efficient way - Michael definitely can help you! He was also able to combine the processes of a creative team with development ones, taking the best parts from both approaches to improve the efficiency of the teams cooperation.

picture of Alexander Ohrt

Alexander Ohrt

Co-Founder & Innovation Hub Manager opencampus.sh and Prototypingweek Kiel

Michael Martens has been an integral part of our prototyping week mentoring team for years. He knows better than anyone how to bring a large group of curious people, students and entrepreneurs to creative top performances and fast prototypes. In terms of rapid prototyping, design thinking, product development and pitching, we couldn't ask for a better mentor and look forward to continue to work with him in the future.

EU & Germany (Kiel, Hamburg & Berlin)

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